Ep. 40 Spider-Man Homecoming Review

July 10, 2017

Ellie and Zenger discuss a few news topics such as the Castlevania TV show, Forces of Destiny and who's really able to wield the hammer of Thor then it's an all over the place discussion on Spider-Man homecoming spoilers included Then our exclusive at VA Comic-Con interview with the Among The Willows creators After that its time to answer some fan mail and talk about some 5-star iTunes reviews Big Thanks to Among The Willows https://www.facebook.com/amongthewillowscomic/ http://brokeniconcomics.com/atw/ Zenger’s New host on the Star Wars Junk Podcast Don't forget to check us out on SoundCloud: Zeng This iTunes: Zeng This Facebook: Zeng This Twitter: @zengthis Instagram: @zengthispodcast Twitch: twitch.tv/zengthis Patreon: www.patreon.com/zengthis YouTube Search: Zeng this Email us at zengthis@gmail.com Sound Guy: Aaron Schilb http://aaronschilb.com Show Open/ Close Music on the podcast was done by @DJGoldenBoy89

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